Scary Maze Game – Original vs Unblocked versions

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In playing Scary Maze Game, you will surely improve some of your skills. For one, your hand and eye coordination will be tested. Since the absolute rule in playing the game is to never ever touch the walls of the maze, you have to see to it that your hand will not touch the walls of the maze at all. Take note that one touch on the wall, whether accidentally or deliberately, will end the game instantly. And if you are lucky enough, you might see the surprise the game brings.

Scary Maze game is not as easy as it looks like. The first maze is probably a bit easy having a wide road and few turns. But as you level up, the road of the maze becomes narrower and turns increases. Much patience is much needed since crossing the maze gets harder the narrower the road becomes. And since the rule is not to touch the walls of the maze, your concentration ability will greatly improve. You cannot succeed if you cannot overcome the disturbances in and out of the game.

The Scary Maze Game is free to play at And it now has an unblocked version. That means you can now play the game wherever you are. You can play the game eve if you are in school, in the office or in the comfort of your home. Though, that is not an encouragement of neglecting office and school works or activities.

Duck Life tips and tricks

The game named Duck Life is an interesting, challenging racing game where players appear in the role of an experienced duck trainer. All the possible genetic modifications have recently been banned in the competitive duck racing marathon. Yet, your duck trainee has to get ahead by the sweat on the beak.

Your main goal in the game Duck Life is to send your duck to different competitions or so called racing tournaments. Every space of the game contains a big range of practice races as well as a tournament which focuses on one particular skill. You can find a special trainer in each site who is there for you in order to help your duck improve his skills, for example the Swamp has a lot of swimming in the races and the trainer is there to teach swimming. As you can see every single detail in this game is well designed, planned and organized.

One of these ducks that hang out in every location possible will have a special ticket for the tournament and once you are able to beat him in the race the ticket will be handed to you. You can consider this as a well-deserved reward for the work you have completed. In case you are so lucky to win the first place in this very tournament you will be given the chance to move on to the next location.

Here is a FULL walkthrough for this game just for you:

At the same time, you can always keep the plan B for yourself in terms of returning to previous areas where you were standing and get more training in the skills that are offered there by tapping the airplane icon in the bottom-right corner of the main screen. During the whole process of the training you are in full control of your duck and you control him directly. You are the main reason for the success your duck has in any tournament or marathon as you trained the duck on a specific skill and ability.

Most of your time in Duck Life will be spent training your duck. Although you can have multiple ducks on your team by purchasing additional eggs from any of the area shops, there is really no benefit to doing so. While tournaments allow you to assign different ducks to each race, you can also use the same duck for all three. This is our recommendation, as it allows you to put all your training time and points into a single duck.

Every specific area available in the game introduces a new trainer for the ducks and will sharpen the ability the duck has making it perfect. You start in Grassland which is the first location. Swamp trains ducks for swimming, Mountains for flying and so on. You won’t need any additional training in the end as you have already accomplished them all while processing the game. Running is the essential part of the race and this is the reason you are highly recommended to increase the running stat to the maximum level of 150.

If you do not train you will lose the game and yet you need to pay attention on which part of a race your opponent is pulling ahead on and then go back and work on that very part and do self-improvement.  If you see he is surging forward in the water then get back to Swamp in order to increase swimming a few levels. If he climbs much quicker, head back to the Glacier.

Use the tricks offered and good luck with this amazing game.


Evolve in Duck Life 3

Have you ever heard of genetically modified animals? Modifications had been made on plants, but not on animals. Yet, if you play the great game series Duck Life, you will find genetically modified ducklings in the third installment, Duck Life 3 Evolution.

If you are looking for a good time where you can relax and at the same time enjoy, Duck Life 3 Evolution is the answer to your search. The farmer, after having a taste of winnings in duck racing, had somehow modified his ducklings. Some believe that it was done through the seeds fed by the farmer to his ducks. Ducklings are born with natural skills. Some are born well in swimming, some in flying, some in running and others in climbing.


Since there are no prohibitions against modified ducklings in the duck racing world, these breed ducklings can join races. Fortunately, the farmer is selling his modified eggs. There are four kinds of eggs, pick which duck egg you want to wager on. Whichever you pick, you will still train your duckling in climbing, running, flying and swimming. Your only advantage is the fact that your duckling easily learns on its born skill.

Train your duckling first so you can join races and tournaments. Do not forget to collect coins as you train. You will use the coins to buy food as well as upgrades and costumes. You need to feed your duckling before and after the race for energy boost. You can choose between two kinds of seeds: the ordinary and the super seed.

When your duckling is trained enough and well, you can join races. Initially, you can join the Amateur League which has two parts: the qualifiers and the finals. The qualifiers has three parts where you must win first to unlock the finals. You have to succeed in the finals to unlock the next league, the Advanced League and eventually, the Professional League.

In this great game, there are also ten Achievements to complete as you train and race. Achieving them however gets harder as you advance. Challenge yourself to complete all ten for additional satisfaction.